15 October 2005

SWH: 2005 (14)

A History of Violence (2005)
Cronenberg is god; anyone who doesn't like the ending is a moron. (9/10)
[watched with C]

Tales from the Crypt: "Only Sin Deep" (1989)
Nothing too exciting; Lea Thompson wasn't the best choice. (6/10)
[watched with C]

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)
Still the king of serial killer movies. (9/10)
[watched with C]

SNL: "Gay Dracula" (1994)
The double meaning with Travolta makes it much funnier. (8/10)
[watched with C]

The Dentist (1996)
Great modern slasher with Yuzna much improved at directing. (8/10)

Space Truckers (1996)
Given the ideas, this should've been more fun than what was on screen. (7/10)

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