23 September 2006

SWH: Week 1 (one)

Six Weeks of HalloweenThe Munsters: "Pilot: My Fair Munster" (1964)
Good choices all around not to continue in color or with the boring Phoebe. (5/10)
d. Norman Abbott

The Munsters: "Munster Masquerade" (1964)
Probably a good choice for an introductory episode, but not that exciting. (6/10)
d. Lawrence Dobkin

The Munsters: "My Fair Munster" (1964)
Grandpa's love potion = classic Munster hijinx. (7/10)
d. David Alexander

Tales from the Crypt: "Three's a Crowd" (1990)
I knew what the ending would be immediately, but its extent got me to laugh in surprise. (7/10)
d. David Burton Morris

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