22 September 2008

6WH: Sep 22

Tales from the Crypt: "This'll Kill Ya" (1992) directed by Robert Longo
If you find yourself in a tale from the crypt, never, ever fool anyone about anything. If it's a surprise party, someone will end up dead. If you're going to treat your wife by coming home from work early, someone will end up dead. And, especially, if you trick an arrogant coworker into thinking you've poisoned him to teach him a lesson, you're gonna end up dead and being carried into the police station by your ankle. (6/10)

Tales from the Crypt: "On a Deadman's Chest" (1992) directed by William Friedkin

The director of The Exorcist takes a stab at a Crypt, but I think he was just collecting a paycheck. There's no real evidence of that prior horror effort here (outside of a stylized poster hanging on a wall of it). The lead singer in a rock band gets taken to a Haitian tattoo artist (played by Heavy D!) who gives him a custom tattoo that looks a lot like his band's Yoko, played by Tia Carrere. He eventually looses it, kills the Yoko and cuts the tattoo off of his own chest. Nothing too special, except for when the lead singer's girlfriend's snake tattoo sticks it tongue out at him, looking like nothing else but a weird third nipple. (6/10)

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