27 September 2010

September 27th

Kill Theory (2009) directed by Chris Moore
A nutjob follows a group of college kids to a remote house and gives them an ultimatum: only one person will be allowed to live.  If he finds more than one person alive at six in the morning, everyone dies.   The nutjob acts like a combination of Jason Vorhees and Jigaw, which I thought was a neat idea.  It's sort of old-school and new-school combining into one psycho.  Like Jigsaw, he forces other people into killing to prove a point.  However, in order to keep those people from escaping, he also has Jason's superpowers: he can appear instantly anywhere in the woods to herd the kids back into the house and nothing the kids try can stop him.  It was worth a watch, though I don't think I'll be picking up the DVD. (7/10)

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