27 September 2014

September 27th

Suck (2009) directed by Rob Stefaniuk
When company comes over, it can sometimes be a real challenge to select a Six Weeks movie that everyone will enjoy. If you've never watched a horror movie with them, how do you know how things will play with them? Should you avoid excessive gore, or sexuality, or films that takes themselves very seriously, or films that don't take themselves seriously at all? It can take a while for everyone to figure out what to watch. Eventually, our choices for the night came down to the funny Suck or the equally funny Slither. I think either would've worked with group, though the less gooey Suck probably was the best choice.

Suck is a thoroughly enjoyable horror comedy about a band whose bass player is turned into a vampire. Her vampiric, ethereal beauty -- shot with computer-assistant lighting to make her look completely unreal -- magnetizes the audience begins to help the band's star rise. Soon, the entire band takes the plunge into vampirism, with the notable and amusing exception of put-upon roadie Hugo. Along the way, they run into Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby (as a metalhead whose audience throws raw meat at as part of his show!), and Henry Rollins. All this and the made-for-movie rock songs are actually pretty good. A recommended effort from our neighbors to the north.

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  1. I saw this one when it first came out and remember thinking it was so much better then it had any right to be. The humor is genuinely funny, the cast is great, and the music is quite memorable. I guess the filmmakers had to have a lot of confidence if they were going to saddled their movie with a loaded title like "Suck." There could have been a lot of reviews titled "'Sucks' Sucks!"