04 October 2006

SWH: Week 2 (ten)

Six Weeks of HalloweenHalloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Better than any of the Myers sequels. (8/10)
d. Tommy Lee Wallace

Halloween 3 Extended Interviews (2003)

The Munsters: "Autumn Croakus" (1964)
What scandal, Herman and Lily not having TV-standard twin beds! (7/10)
d. Lawrence Dobkin


  1. [comment copied from old blog]

    But... how did bugs get into their skulls?

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006, 08:42:07

  2. [comment copied from old blog]

    His mind, man. His mind. Just like Elm Street 2's a metaphor for confused sexuality, H3's a tender story about alcoholism.

    "I need a drink," Tom Atkins' character repeatedly says, as he starts seeing bugs and snakes crawling out of people's heads. Yep.

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006, 10:34:57

  3. [comment copied from old blog]

    But I thought The Lost Weekend was kinda dumb, and full of manipulative 40's propaganda. Like, a well-made version of Reefer Madness, but for alcohol. Liquor... Madness.
    Point being, I drink all the time and I never see bugs. Only more attractive women.
    ... And furthermore, I remember Nightmare on Elm Street 2 also being not very good.

    Er, uh
    *indistinct noise*

    Thursday, October 05, 2006, 22:24:57

  4. [comment copied from old blog]

    So true. But if you *stopped* with the bathtub gin habit, a rapid onset of the DTs would bless you with some Tom Atkins-style insectoids. Better than a dead baby crawling on the ceiling? Maybe.

    NoES2 = one of the underrated slasher sequels, even if the director himself steadfastly denies the sexuality subtext.

    Friday, October 06, 2006, 09:36:40