13 October 2008

6WH: Oct 13

Dark Ride (2006) directed by Craig Singer
The setting makes this movie. I love "dark rides" -- I'd called them haunted rides -- from carnivals. Take an average slasher and dump it into one of these things: fun. This one certainly owes a lot to the excellent 1981 Tobe Hooper slasher The Funhouse, which has the same basic plot: kids sneak into a haunted ride at night and discover that a disfigured maniac lives inside. Throw in a horny hitchhiker, some magic mushrooms and a plot twist or two and it's different enough. A bit slow to get going, but a good slasher flick. (7/10)

The Munsters: "Country Club Munsters" (1965) directed by Joseph Pevney
Woo-hoo, back to The Munsters after a year. The Munsters win a membership to a country club. Little do the country club owners know, eh? Fun ensues as Herman completely trashes the golf course (accidentally, of course) and Lilly and Grandpa offend the blue bloods inside. Did women in '60s country clubs really prance around from table to table showing off their new dresses and announcing its cost? (7/10)

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