06 October 2008

6WH: Oct 5

Nude for Satan (1974) directed by Luigi Batzella
I'll admit it: the title tricked me. How couldn't it? As soon as I was aware of a movie called Nude for Satan, it was placed immediately into my Netflix queue. I'd also seen The Devil's Wedding Night by the same director (courtesy of Elvira), which was filled with enough trippiness and lesbianism to keep me entertained. This one, though... yeesh. A test of how well I can take boredom was mostly what it was. Batzella dove completely off the arthouse deep end here. Although there is plenty of nudity, as the title promises, it's in-between scene after scene of people having endless conversations about how confused they are about their situation. Even Satan doesn't do much more than talk. I've never looked at the DVD player's time counter so often. (3/10)

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