17 October 2010

October 17th

Frozen (2010) directed by Adam Green
Effective as a thriller, even though there really isn't enough story for a full 90-minute movie.  To fill in the gaps, we get a lot of character development... probably more than is necessary to humanize the victims of this horror tale.  The premise is that three people are stuck way up on a chairlift with no hope of being rescued.  With the characters stuck in four by one foot seat for days, they get a lot of talking in.  The meat of the horror, however, is them (and us in the audience) trying to figure out what they're going to do to get off the lift.  As expected, there's some frostbite involved, though not as much as you might think.  There was also an unexpected pack of wolves, cuts from the lift cable and one of the grossest compound fractures I've seen in a movie.  The one survivor of the ordeal was completely predictable -- the weak girl finding the strength to survive is a horror cliche -- but at least her journey to that point was an interesting watch nevertheless. (7/10)

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