26 September 2011

September 26th

Grimm Love (2006) directed by Martin Weisz
"How are they going to make a whole movie out of that German cannibal case?" I wondered as the movie began.  "Shoehorn Keri Russell into it as a college student investigating the incident in order to pad the movie" seems to have been the answer.  The cannibals' portion of the movie is actually pretty good.  It's a very twisted romance between two very broken men.  Unfortunately, the movie grinds to a halt every time we switch from the cannibals to Russell.  There's no reason to care about anything she does; she's looking at the locations these events happened in far after the fact.

I suspect, in addition to the padding it offers, the Russell story was added to "de-gay" the movie as much as possible.  I bet the producers were worried about trying to sell a movie that's not only about cannibalism, but features two gay main characters.  I can think of no other reason that we're shown Russell in both swimming and bathtub scenes, as neither were necessary to the plot.  It's a shame.  With some editing, I think this could be transformed into a great short.  As it stands, it's just not effective.  (5/10)

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