29 September 2011

September 29th

Basket Case 3 (1992) directed by Frank Henenlotter
Did I miss it?  For some reason, I'm bizarrely worried that no one seems to have mourned the death of Baby Belial #12.  He's the one that got smushed by the sheriff's daughter after she took a shotgun blast to the chest and sat on him.  Did Belial even find out about that?  I was a bit sleepy watching this one, but I don't remember that he did.  Duane saw it (and said, in not-too-worried voice, "Oh, no."), so I suppose the telepathically-linked Belial would've know as well.  Still.

Maybe it's an easy detail to overlook with all of the other weird stuff going on.  Belial's wife Eve gives birth in an explosion of goo, all of the freaks sing "Personality" together on a school bus and Belial ends up with a robot body to better seek revenge.  You know, standard Henenlotter weirdness.  Duane was also a little more like his goofy old self from part 1, with a dollop of insanity on top to make it interesting.

Still, this one doesn't work quite as well as Henenlotter's other movies.  I think because there wasn't much of a story, really.  The freaks drive to Georgia to get birthing help for Eve, local law enforcement kill her and steal her babies, and then the freaks get revenge.  There's not quite enough here to chew on even with the weirdness. (6/10)

Bad Biology (2008) directed by Frank Henenlotter
Yeah, this is about what I would expect from Henenlotter after a sixteen-year absence from directing.  No longer hidden in penis-shaped Aylmers and panty-stealing Belials, the sexual nature of his work comes out into full view. Jennifer has 7 clits, an insatiable sex drive and the ability to bear children in a couple of hours.  Batz has a giant, drug-addicted penis with a mind of its own.  Will this star-crossed couple ever meet?

Charlee Danielson is great as the hyper-sexed Jennifer.  She gives the role so much energy, she's completely entertaining to watch.  Perhaps for this reason, the movie focuses mostly on her and her quest to figure out God's purpose for her unique anatomy.  I was so happy so see Beverly Bonner in another cameo, giving her a role in every Henenlotter movie. I was also happy to see a lack of CGI in the film: everything is Karo syrup and latex rubber, from Jennifer's mutant babies to Batz' mutant weener.  The way it should be.

A decent body horror / schlock / exploitation film with bucket-loads of nudity, mutations and vagina masks. (7/10)

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