12 October 2011

October 12th

Blood Beach (1980) directed by Jeffrey Bloom
Well, that was disappointing.  I thought the trailer looked pretty cool, so I downloaded it (this being the only way to see the movie due to its lack of a DVD release).  I should've known better after the Evilspeak trailer debacle.

An unknown creatures that lives under the sand of a particular L.A. beach begins to eat people.  While that sounds neat in theory, what actually happens is that people sink into the sand and simply disappear.  With the exception of a rapist getting his weener et off, it's all very boring and bloodless.  Though, I will admit, when the creature finally makes its appearance at the very end of the movie, it looks pretty cool.  It's sort of like the flower part of the Thing from The Thing.

I think I should sue over the misleading trailer, like a fellow Michigan woman recently did.  Trailers: the landmines of the film world.  Decades after they've served their purpose, they lie in wait, ready to spring on unsuspecting nerds like myself with their manipulative editing and voice-overs. (5/10)

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