17 October 2011

October 17th

Psych:9 (2010) directed by Andrew Shortell
Suspiciously similar to Session 9.  Shut down hospital.  Doing tedious work there while strange things are afoot.  Uncovering the history of a former mental patient.  Mysterious murders.  The worker is a crazy person responsible for the deaths.  There's an attempt to make this another "is she crazy or is the ghost really killing people?" movie, but I don't think it's left at all ambiguous.  We're explicitly shown that Roslyn is talking to herself during her conversations with the dead doctor.  Though we don't see her actually kill anyone, that's seems to be the only reasonably explanation given her mental state.

And, holy crap, what was up with the digital color correction?  Every scene was tinted so far into yellow territory, everyone looked like they had a really bad case of jaundice.  I found it very distracting.  Similarly, Lionsgate seems to have screwed up the transfer, with the black level being more of a gray level.  Nice work.

All in all, the first of two Ghost House Underground movies for this year is derivative and poorly put together. (4/10)

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