04 October 2011

October 4th

Pig Hunt (2008) directed by James Isaac
I liked it.  It's not Shakespeare, but it's a fairly fun horror flick.  The movie features a redneck clan, a hippie commune (complete with topless girls bathing), a chubby comic relief character, a gas station attendant who very nearly says "you're all doomed" and, of course, a 3000 lbs pig.  That's a decent recipe for some horror and about what to expect from the director of the (enjoyable, I think) Jason X.

Can't say I've ever seen a pig as the monster in a horror movie before, so points for them mixing in some originality into the standard "city slickers go into the country and have a bad ol' time" plot.  Hell, even the rednecks were a little bit better developed than you'd typically see in these films.  Ricky, in particular, has an interesting shared history with former redneck / current city slicker John.  And, though he seems like an asshole most of the time, Ricky's also kind to loser Quincy and chastises the wannabe hunters when they fail to take war seriously.  He kind of felt like real rednecks I've known, rather than a movie stereotype.

Finally, a Fangoria Frightfest movie that didn't put me to sleep! (7/10)

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  1. Yeah, I thought this wasn't half bad too. Though the giant pig struck me as mostly unnecessary. I preferred the redneck rampage section.