18 October 2014

October 18th

The Blob (1988) directed by Chuck Russell
This one has always been in my list of "remakes better than the original." I know some would disagree. Unlike The Fly and The Thing remakes, this isn't a spectacular movie with something to say on the human condition. What it does share with those two movies is an incredible display of prime '80s practical effects wizardry. People are dissolved, they float inside of the Blob in various states of digestion, and the Blob shoots out vents and cracks under doors and an entire street in an aggressive quest to eat. With the exception of a handful of wonky blue screen shots of the Blob moving, it's all fantastic.

I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the plot twist invented for the remake. Instead of being alien goo in a meteor, the Blob is now an out of control bio-weapon experiment conducted by the US Government. This allows the film to insert a bunch of Feds in bio-containment suits carrying guns to terrorize the town. I'm not sure this was entirely necessary, as the Blob is pretty scary all by itself. The treachery of the head agent -- who orders people sealed under the street with the Blob -- feels completely uninteresting when there's a giant ball of jelly dissolving people.

Night of the Demon (1980) directed by James C. Wasson
Been wanting to watch this one for a long time ever since I saw the trailer, which, among other things, features a dude getting his weener ripped off by Bigfoot. Let me repeat that: one way that Bigfoot kills a guy in this movie is by suddenly jumping out of the woods on man peeing, grabbing his penis, and ripping it off. If that doesn't make someone want to give this a watch, I don't know what will.

The rest of the film is about as good as that one scene. Horrible acting. Utterly incoherent editing. Pretty good special effects. You can certainly tell where the money went. They knew it, too. Gore shots in the film are lingered on for a disturbingly long time. How's a full minute of staring at a hatchet would gushing blood sound? Good? You'll love this movie.

In the movie, a professor and group of college students set off into the woods to search for the elusive sasquatch. Along the way, they discover the horrible secret of their local bigfoot: he's a rapist. Yeah. And he's pissed that his would-be father-in-law killed his baby. Yeah. In the end, only the professor survives his wrath after an incredible, incredible scene of Bigfoot going apeshit on everyone in a cabin. Holy cow. The entire scene is in Incredible Hulk TV show slow motion, with Bigfoot ripping everyone to shreds while roaring. At one point, he rips a guy's intestines out of his guts and then uses it to whip the rest of the people.

Oh yeah, I will be ordering the Code Red DVD. Watch it below if you don't believe me:


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  1. I'm hoping to review both Blob movies later in the month but I have no idea if I'll get to them now.

    As for "Night of the Demon," it's a perfect example of what I call "trash-horror." Stuff that has little aesthetic appeal and is only questionably art but is, nevertheless, absolutely fascinating to watch. It's the low budget movie as an look into the very specific world-view of one person. And "Demon" has the added appeal of being super-sleazy and insanely gory.