24 October 2014

October 24th

Feeding Grounds (2006) directed by Junior Bonner
The weird "these are actually good" streak has ended for my $5 Highway to Hell Collection set with Feeding Grounds. It's yet another movie about partying kids getting stuck in the desert and dying. Desert locations are free and easy to shoot at if you live near one, I'm thinking.

The movie's just too low-key, I'm not even sure what the monster was. There was glimpse of a clawed hand under a car, but that's all we ever see. What we mostly see are people with bites on their necks getting sick and then dying mostly off screen. I think they were going for something in the neighborhood of "arty suspense," but it was more of a sleeping potion for me.

I will say DP Tarin Anderson was doing some good work on this movie. There are nice deep focus shots, some cool framing using the desert sun, and interesting stuff like putting a camera in a cooler. She even wrangled a crane for some overhead shots. Her work gives the movie a professional sheen it, frankly, does not deserve.

Tales from the Crypt 6.06: "The Bribe" (1994) directed by Ramón Menéndez
I like Terry O'Quinn and Benicio Del Toro, but I didn't care for this episode so much. Perhaps that says something about me? The deeper story -- outside of a father killing himself because he thought he caused her death in fire -- is about a daughter growing up and expressing her sexuality.

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