21 October 2014

October 21st

Sensored (2009) directed by Ryan Todd
Robert Picardo stars as an OCD-suffering agent for the CIA working on interrogation techniques in his basement. The tone of film is very dark at the onset, looking like it'll be another Saw-inspired torturefest. It's not at all. After some nastiness with spikes in the heels near the beginning, the movie veers into pure psychological thriller territory.

And I do mean "pure psychological." The twist in this film is sort of obvious almost immediately, and I correctly guessed that both Lucas and Jefferies were Wade's versions of Tyler Durden. Less obvious was that everything we see in the entire movie up to Wade's shooting is all in his head as well, with the film ripping off The Usual Suspects for the source of the other character's in crazy Wade's dream.

The movie's pretty low-key, not particularly full of surprises, and more derivative than it ought to be. I will say I always enjoy watching Picardo, though, who's one of our great character actors. Nice to see him get a lead role to chew on.

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