19 October 2014

October 19th

Invaluable: The True Story of an Epic Artist (2014) directed by Ryan Meade
This is a documentary about Tom Sullivan, the SFX artist who worked on The Evil Dead. He's a super-nice guy and a mainstay at many of the conventions I go to. In fact, you can see me rather clearly in the background of one shot in this documentary, taking a picture of something at the Flint Horror Con. Cool!

Not a bad documentary, especially considering I didn't care at all for the last Ryan Meade movie I saw. Naturally, the largest chunk covers The Evil Dead. Michigan guy that I am, it's a story I'm well familiar with, but it was interesting to see it told from a purely Tom Sullivan perspective. Outside of that, the film covers how Sullivan stumbled into the world of art as a child, and also the personal tragedies that affected him post-Evil Dead. It's this last bit that could've used a little more attention. While the documentary implies that Sullivan was able to pull himself out of depression due to attending horror conventions (feel the love from us horror geeks!), it would've been nice to have this journey illustrated a little better.

Tales from the Darkside 2.03: "Ring Around the Redhead" (1985) directed by Theodore Gershuny
An earthquake opens a portal in a man's workshop. The portal leads to a constantly changing destination and the man wisely lowers probes into it using a rope and hook in order to find out what's on the other side. When one probes comes back with a woman holding on, his life completely changes. A creative episode, though almost silly in its nerd wish-fulfillment.

The Real Ghostbusters 2.08: "Night Game" (1987) directed by Marek BuchwaldMasakazu Higuchi
A haunting at a baseball stadium turns out to be far more serious. Like Mortal Kombat, the fate of the Earth is going to be decided by a once-every-500-years baseball game between good and evil. I like the forcefulness of the message in this one. "Don't cheat kids! Else you may damn the entirety of humanity!"

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