16 October 2015

October 16th

Tales from the Crypt 6.10: "In the Groove" (1994) directed by Vincent Spano
Like the Tales from the Darkside episode I just watched, this is more hatred for shock jocks. I suppose I remember in the 1980s/90s that, with the rise of Howard Stern in particular, America had a small moral panic about these guys polluting the airwaves. It was subject ripe for anthologies shows: "ha-hah, let's give these meanie assholes their just deserts!" Twenty/thirty years on, with an Internet filled with assholes available for the reading, its a little hard to remember what the big deal was.

One of my favorite character actors, Miguel Ferrer, plays the asshole this time, who somehow manages to host a phone sex show on the radio without getting reamed by the FCC. When he fires his phone-sexing partner, his sister and co-owner of the station hires him a replacement. Initially resenting the imposition, he discovers the new girl is great at her job and great at manipulating him. Needless to say, it ends badly for the asshole.

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