02 October 2015

October 2nd

Tales from the Crypt 6.08: "The Assassin" (1994) directed by Martin von Haselberg
Holy crap, I had no idea! William Sadler returns as the Grim Reaper! I am a huge fan of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and it was a pleasant surprise to see Sadler reprising his character in the wrap-around segments. Pairing his Reaper with the Crypt Keeper is brilliant. Man, 17-year-old me would've been geeked as hell to catch this on TV in 1994.

As for the episode itself, it's an amusing little piece. It's more enjoyable to me due to the actors in it. We've got Shelley Hack, the clueless wife from The Stepfather, in the lead role. Chelsea Field, who was Teela in the incredibly cheezy Masters of the Universe, and Marshall R. Teague from Road House, and a young Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad, and, of course, Corey Feldmen himself all join in the fun. The twist at the end of the episode is fairly easy to see coming, though weirdly timely. Let's just say that Shelley Hack's character is improbably pretty and petite and also quite "stunning and brave."

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