01 October 2015

October 1st

The Walking Dead 5.02: "Strangers" (2014) directed by David Boyd
Well, damn, I have to eat my words: the TV show did go that far. This one ends with poor Bob having his leg eaten by the few cannibals that remained from Terminus in a situation not unlike what happened to Dale in the comics. I suspect, like Dale, Bob got bit by the zombies in the food shelter basement earlier and the cannibals will become infected. Color me impressed. I'm tempted to dig into Google and see what the normal people thought of this when it originally aired. Now, if they eventually kill off the uber-popular Daryl, the showrunners will have my complete respect. Still, this show is loads better than it was during the farm / prison era.

And yet another The Wire alumnus joins the cast. I ain't complaining: that show was packed with fantastic actors. Newbie Seth Gilliam plays a suspicious priest, joining Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as poor Bob. My next Wire request: I want to see a hard-ass, grumpy John Doman in the zombieland.

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