23 October 2015

October 23rd

The Walking Dead 5.11: "The Distance" (2015) directed by Larysa Kondracki
I like how the greatest tension in this episode comes not from the zombies, or from the mysterious Aaron and his promises of safety, but from Rick. Whether Rick will go apeshit and kill or harm Aaron and ruin the group's chances of joining Alexandria is the primary source of concern. I think that means the showrunners have successfully conveyed how hard being on the road has been for Rick; how changed he is after all of the heartache of the previous 4 seasons; how difficult it would be to let go and trust a stranger in such an environment. Nice work.

The Walking Dead 5.12: "Remember" (2015) directed by Greg Nicotero
Thinking back, I remember the last time Rick and company had a chance to take showers. This was in season 1, in episode "TS-19." Of their trip to the CDC, I wrote:
Inside, they get a nice break, with real food and hot showers and safety from the dead.  We haven't seen them go through enough hardship for this to really mean anything.
Now we have. Now it means something. I like how it takes the group a long time to unwind. Spending years (?) under so much tension, it would be hard to sit back and not worry about things. This is great: it feels like a completely fresh direction for the show to explore. I love where the comics are right now, generally, and I'm excited to see Alexandria eventually expand into a linked collection of nearby communities.

I wonder if Alexandria has already met Nagen, or if he shows up as a new character to everyone? I wonder whose skull Nagen will bash in, given they love to switch up the big deaths in the TV show as compared to the comics? I'm sure Glen is safe. I'm betting it's Carol instead. We shall see.

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