10 October 2013

October 10th

It Came From The Local
Tonight was the Flint Horror Con's annual free pre-con short film night.  Homemade cookies, popcorn and some short films to watch from exotic places like Spain and Flint, Michigan: there's no better way to spend a few hours.  The line-up:

Mondo Matt's Trailers
Yeah, this is actually me.  I'm honored to get to put together a short trailer and intermission compilation for both It Came from the Local and the Flint Horror Con proper.  I think I dun good.  There was plenty of loud laughing at some of the ridiculous stuff I picked (god, I love the Trapped trailer) and lots of "that looks awesome! I need to see that movie!"  Can't ask for a better reaction than that.

Day 9 (2013) directed by Thomas Ryan
A no-budget zombie film shot in the writer/director's house, starring himself and and his wife.  I thought it had some really good camerawork and a decent story idea.  Its big issue was its editing.  The enemy of a horror film -- other than unintentional comedy -- is boredom.  A bunch of this movie could've been chopped out to make a more exciting experience.  As it is, it drags badly as the film counts up towards the title.

Scarriage Town (2012) directed by Paul Counelis
A documentary from local horror super-fan and Rue Morgue contributor Paul Counelis.  Every Halloween, Paul and his family make a haunted house experience in their yard for trick-r-treaters to walk through.  He narrates the process of putting the elaborate setup together (gotta love the mattresses on the ground to act as a distraction when suddenly walked upon) and shows footage of the screaming kids from last Halloween enjoying it.  Very cool.

The Suicide King (2012) directed by Ryan Blazic
Kind of a Tarantino-esque short about a man entering a poker game in order to earn enough money for his daughter's surgery.  The twist is that anyone who loses a showdown must play Russian roulette.  Not bad.

(a short film about a crazy girl and a scarecrow) directed by RT McRobertson (I think)
There was some extra time in the middle of things, so this off-schedule short was thrown into the mix.  I wish I could remember the title, as it was actually my favorite of the night.  Another no-budget short shot with friends and family, but very well made.  It stars a girl who forgets to take her medicine one Halloween morning and begins to hear and see things.  Great gore effects and use of flashbacks.

The Sweet Hand of the White Rose (2010) directed by Davide Melini
Ugh.  This is pretty much an extended "Don't Text and Drive, Kids!" PSA.  Imagine the ending of Jacob's Ladder, except higher in schmaltz and the aforementioned texting driver walking into the light with his innocent victim.

3 trailers for Beyond the Dark
From the little you could see in the trailers, it looks like it could be awesome:

Decapoda Shock (2011) directed by Javier Chillon
A favorite returning from last year, this is balls-out crazy fun from Spain.  A spaceman turns into a crab and fights the Satanic forces of evil.  Super-coolness.

The Giant Rubber Monster Movie (2011) directed by Thomas Berdinski
A favorite returning from two years ago.  This is pure psychotronic fun.  A boy from the year 25 million travels back in time to save humanity from a giant monster with an afro.  Own this one one DVD already I love it so much.

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