21 October 2013

October 21st

Cannibal Ferox (1981) directed by Umberto Lenzi
Better than Lenzi's forgettable Eaten Alive, and at least it contains all new footage.  Still, I'm not a fan of the whole white guilt spin that started with Cannibal Holocaust and continues here.  It gets even worse in this one.  Now the natives aren't even really cannibals at all and learn all of their violent ways by watching the sadistic Mike.  In the superior Last Cannibal World, falling prey to the cannibals is simply a matter of "wrong place, wrong time."  Naively wandering into a part of the world you know little about is dangerous, be it the jungle or rural Texas.  Would Texas Chain Saw Massacre be improved if Franklin had first tortured Leatherface's brother to death?

Also, I'm getting real tired of seeing real animals slaughtered in these things.  Do Italians really hate turtles and crocodiles that much?

Watched: DVD from Grindhouse Releasing.

American Horror Story 2.05: "Asylum: I Am Anne Frank, Part 2" (2012) directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Legless, mutated Shelley, at the bottom of an elementary school stairwell, scaring the ever-loving shit out of children.  For this alone, I'm glad I'm watching this season.  Plus, another alien abduction.  Plus, weird segments shot with a '60s TV camera.  Plus, Thredson -- not really surprisingly -- turns out to be serial killer Bloody Face and chains Lana up Saw-like in his torture basement.  Bundle all of this up into the show's consistently beautiful shooting and lighting and I find myself thoroughly entertained.

The Walking Dead 3.10: "Home" (2013) directed by Seith Mann
Well, that didn't take long for Daryl to wander back to the prison.  Just in time to help save the day, too.  Ugh.  Lotta lazy writing in the show this year.  Gotta love how everyone is a dead-eye, crack shot when it comes to putting bullets directly in the middle of zombie foreheads, but turn into Stormtroopers when real humans attack.  There had better be a bigger battle between the prison and Woodbury at the end of the season.  Maybe with that National Guard stuff the Gov stole?  If this was it, I'm pissed.

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