24 October 2013

October 24th

American Horror Story 2.08: "Unholy Night" (2012) directed by Michael Lehmann
Ian McShane as a crazy killer Santa Claus.  Awesome as hell.  This also means he'll potentially return as another character in season three.  Yeah, I'll accept this an apology for the prior year's "Super-Happy Ghost Family Christmas" finale.

American Horror Story 2.09: "The Coat Hanger" (2012) directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Season 1's Dylan McDermott is "Son of Bloody Face."  Sure, fine.  I'm a little disappointed there isn't a supernatural explanation that has Thredson killing people in 2012, but, eh, this might be interesting.  I'm having a little trouble buying McDermott as a tattooed, mulleted psychopath, for some reason.  He looks like he's dressed for Halloween.

American Horror Story 2.10: "The Name Game" (2013) directed by Michael Lehmann
Damn, man, they killed off two of the main characters in one episode: Arden and the possessed nun.  I was vaguely hoping the demon would maybe possess the Angle of Death when she arrived, but I suppose that doesn't make any sense.  And, the angel's statement that she's taking "both of you" seems to indicate that the demon has departed for good.  Too bad.  I found the character to be fairly scary: a nearly all-knowing, all-malevolent entity walking around and ruining lives.

American Horror Story 2.11: "Spilt Milk" (2013) directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
One thing I'll give the showrunners: they're horror geeks.  Not only do they reference / rip-off scenes from tons and tons of movies (from The Exorcist to Beetlejuice), they love to re-purpose the music from classic horror movies as well.  This ep was nearly wall-to-wall Philip Glass music from Candyman, which is a score I love.

Now I'm very curious as to how Lana raises Son of Bloody Face.  Obvious, the guy has the same sort of mommy issues as his dad.  I'm guessing he's the antagonist at the end of the show for Kit and Grace's alien-engineered baby, who's exactly the same age.  Why this starchild sat on his hands for 30 years and let Son of Bloody Face go around killing cats and people, I don't know.

With the death of Thredson, every evil character in the show has died with two more episodes to go.  Well, Son of Bloody Face exists in the present day, but the only antagonist in 1965 is the priest, who's not that terribly evil.  What are the 1960s sections going to do with themselves for two episodes?  I miss the possessed nun already.

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