03 October 2013

October 3rd

The Walking Dead 3.03: "Walk with Me" (2012) directed by Guy Ferland
I like the guy they cast as the Governor.  He's kind of a TV version of Liam Neeson, with enough gravitas in his voice to make you believe he could lead such a community.  I'm a little disappointed that his big evil-bad-guy reveal at the end was an aquarium full of zombie heads -- as cool as that was -- instead of his zombified daughter as it was in the comics.  Hopefully, she shows up later.

Andrea's been surviving the apocalypse for a year.  Why was she getting so upset about the Governor's men stabbing corpses in the head and stringing up destroyed zombies from trees?  She was travelling for eight months with a woman who kept two jawless zombies as pets.  I suppose the writers wanted to show that Andrea was a little skittish about this new place, but they just ended up making her look like an idiot.  Lazy.

American Horror Story 1.08: "Rubber Man" (2011) directed by Miguel Arteta
So, the house makes men think with their wieners and women with their wombs... or, at least, more than normal.  That seems to be what this series is boiling down to.  I'm guessing there's a dully obvious feminist reading of the series -- all of the men in the show so far are assholes -- but we'll see how it turns out.

I did find it amusing to see the ghosts interacting with each other in the house.  I can't say that I've ever seen two ghosts having sex before -- with a bonus brutal stabbing at the end -- so chalk that up as a win for this episode as far as I'm concerned.