30 October 2013

October 30th

Trick 'r Treat (2007) directed by Michael Dougherty
This is a movie I try to watch every Halloween, as I do with Carpenter's Halloween.  I missed watching it last year for some reason, but I'm glad I popped it in tonight.  It never fails to get the spirit of the season pumping in my veins.

It's neat how this movie keeps growing in the public's consciousness.  This year, I'm seeing articles saying that it is Halloween's answer to A Christmas Story.  FEARnet even stepped up and did a Christmas Story-like 24-hour marathon on their TV channel.  And, a sequel was just announced.  Impressive for a little movie that sat on Warner Brothers' shelf for two years gathering dust.

I'm with the people.  I tend to like this movie a little bit better each year.  There is nothing else out that that really captures the feeling of Halloween, as we celebrate it in America, quite like this film.  Of course, everything is amped up quite a bit.  In real life, I don't know of any small towns here in the Midwest that have hundreds of lit pumpkins everywhere and a Mardi Gras-like bacchanal on Main Street.  That's all a part of the fun, though.  This is Halloween as we Halloween fanatics wish it were.

The first time I watch it four years ago, I have to admit, I wasn't as impressed with it as I'd hoped.  I still kind of have an uncharacteristically squeamish problem with the scene with Steven, the shovel, and the grave in his backyard.  I think the bit with him using the blade of the shovel to chop off a child's finger and then an arm while we hear children moaning -- even though we don't see the violence -- is far crueler than the rest of the movie.  I'm guessing this scene, early in the movie, has turned off a lot of casual Halloween celebrators checking the movie out.  We parents are weird that way.

I can't wait to see what they do for part 2.  In a more just world, there would've been one of these movies every couple of years.  The world wasn't ready for such a thing back in 1982 when Halloween III ditched Mike and tried to start a different tradition.  I think we are now.

Watched: blu-ray from WB.

Me and the kids doing our part to make Sam happy.


  1. Trick r' Treat is one I should definately revisit. I remember being a bit underwhelmed by it on first (only) viewing. I think all the build-up and hype had a lot to do with it. Had the film being a tiny, October release as originally planned, I think I would have liked it a lot more. Maybe next year... And, yeah, the makers have really pushed Sam as a horror character. You see him in all sorts of merchandise, even as a stuffed animal in claw machines, along with Freddy, Jason, Beetlejuice, etc.

  2. I agree, Trick r' Treat has definitely benefited from repeat viewings, and it's now an annual tradition for me.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. I think Sam's design is great and we never really had a definitive character for Halloween before (outside of the other Sam from the Ghostbusters cartoon). Kinda wish'd I'd bought the action figure when the movie was new.