17 October 2013

October 17th

The Walking Dead 3.09: "The Suicide King" (2013) directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
How's the cliffhanger from the mid-season finale resolved?  Pretty easily.  Rick and company shoot a few bullets, throw a few smoke grenades, and waltz easily out of Woodbury with Daryl and Merle.  Woodbury is not remotely a threat.  This is further emphasized in the episode when most of the population is clamoring to leave and freaking out over the Governor plugging a bitten zombie victim.  There is absolutely no tension in the idea that these folks may gather and attack the group at the prison.  They're all wimps, so who cares?

Andrea's speech to convince the population of Woodbury to stay was some of the laziest writing I've ever seen in this show.  Unbelievably cheezy stuff.  Rick going nuts at the end because he thinks he sees Laurie: a wee over the top, but amusing, at least.  I would've preferred to see that type of thing, maybe, after dealing with an attack from Woodbury.  Having just returned from a success rescue mission, it doesn't seem like the guy should've been quite that stressed out.

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