18 October 2013

October 18th

Tales from the Crypt 6.02: "Only Skin Deep" (1994) directed by William Malone
Distracted by Star Wars: The Card Game for too long, Casey and I only had time for one little episode after the pizza arrived.  But, it was a good one.  It starts at a seasonally appropriate Halloween party, in which an abusive jerk meets a mysterious woman wearing a bizarre mask.  She takes him back to her apartment for sex, but grows very cold afterwards.  The abusive jerk get angry, but runs into a fairly typical Crypt ending.  What makes the episode better than average, though, was the way it was shot.  More than your average amount of thought (for a TV series) went into shot placement and lighting, making the thing exciting to watch for that alone.  It felt very cinematic.

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