12 October 2013

October 12th

American Horror Story 2.02: "Asylum: Tricks and Treats" (2012) directed by Bradley Buecker
Every episode is going to start with a brief glance at Bloody Face's activities in the abandoned asylum in the present day, it seems like.  It'll be a like a mini-slasher movie when all done, maybe?  In 1964, the story mostly centers on an Exorcist rip-off in which an old priest is brought to the asylum to help with a possessed teen-aged boy.  Admittedly, this was a fun device to reveal more of Sister Jude's backstory, as the demon tries to rattle her by speaking of her past sins.  As is the case with this show, her pre-nun life is way over-the-top, and we discover she used to be a super-promiscuous, drunk-driving, child-running-over wreck of a person.  Also, nice to see Robin Weigert as the possessed boy's mother.  I miss Jane.

Tales from the Darkside 1.17: "The Madness Room" (1985) directed by John Hayes
Once you see the knowing glance between the wife and the husband's business associate, followed by the husband taking nitroglycerin pills for his chest pain, the entire plot is easily predicted.  A Tales from the Crypt-style story of getting just deserts.

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