01 October 2013

October 1st

The Walking Dead 3.02: "Sick" (2012) directed by Bill Gierhart
This episode features multiple very gory shots of Hershel's fresh stump, one of the prisoners hacking up another after he gets bit, and Rick doing the old Savini machete trick with another prisoner's head.  If this were an '80s movie, the MPAA would've pitched a fit.  I appreciate that the series isn't wimping out at this point and that they are willing to allow their hero-protagonist to do anything to protect his family.  Though, I'll be curious to see how the Governor affects the show.  He was a little cartoony in the comics.  He could be way too cartoony in this show and send the thing completely off the rails.  But, two in, this season is good.

American Horror Story 1.07: "Open House" (2011) directed by Tim Hunter
Not really a helluva lot going on in this episode, except for a couple of interesting character reveals.  I like that Constance and Moira are at odds over the fate of the house.  Moira wants the thing sold so maybe someone will dig up her bones and free her from the house's clutches.  Constance wants the thing to remain as is so she can continue to visit her dead kids there.  I like that idea.  If there were a house that so easily trapped spirits, a mother using it as a means to continue seeing her dead children makes a lot of sense.  Constance is as emotionally stuck to the building as Moira is spiritually.  Neat.  Not sure I buy the Burned Guy's undying crush on Constance, though.

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